WinKawaks™ 1.08 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.08
     * Added option to display only romsets that are available in the load game
       dialog box.
     * Fixed Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520) driver (sound bugs)
     * Fixed CPS1 sprite issues (Punisher bus wheels, Andor disappearing when he
       jumps, etc)
     * Fixed YM2152 (CPS1 music) tempo, but that causes new bugs: some sound codes
       mysteriously vanish now. That means sometimes, no music will play, or some
       sfx won't be played.
     * Much improved Z80/68000 synchronisation, which allows the following :
     * Fixed QSound tempo. Faster music, music synced to intro in VSav, etc etc
     * Overclocked CPS2 games to 12.8MHz (instead of theorical 11.8MHz)
       This fixes many glitches. It's likely the 11.8MHz errors are due to timing
       errors in the 68000 core I use...
     * Now lagging not only palette but entire VRAM. Fixes some layer/palette errors.
     * Various CPS1 fixes:
        - Mercs 'dirt on the sprites' should be fixed.
        - Carrier Air Wing won't freeze anymore (game still buggy however, weird
          palette issues)
        - The King of Dragons's in game backgrounds show. Fully playable now.
        - 1941 won't freeze anymore when game starts.
     * Added a setting in the INI to control sound emulation frequency (44100 default)
     * New option in the INI to control the sound playback. If sound is bad on your system
       try playing with the SoundSegs and SoundSegLag settings. (6 and 5 are the default).
       For example, some older versions of Kawaks used 4 and 2. You may want to use them.
       (Note that SoundSegLag should be superior to 0 and inferior to SoundSegs)
     * Now compiled with Turbo68K Version 0.5 (The Cpu Core Formerly Known As Genital68K)
     * Redid the Kawaks splash screen code. Should display things correctly for vertical games
       and it looks better in fullscreen.
     * New Alternate scanlines blitter. If you have a slower PC and are using scanlines,
       I recommend using those, since they should be quite faster.
     * New image enhancement blitters : 2xSai, Super2xSai, Eagle. They are quite slow for now
       because those versions are pure C, without MMX optimisations.
       If you have a S3 or S4 card, I'd like to know if those blitters work for you...
     * Changed the way the video blitters are handled (many internal changes to allow the
       future blitters). Now a unique Engine setting in the INI  :
            0 = Normal (default)
            1 = Scanlines
            2 = Scanlines 50%
            3 = Alternate scanlines
            4 = 2xSai
            5 = Super2xSai
            6 = SuperEagle
       Modified the menu to reflect the changes.
       In terms of speed, from fastest to slowest, the blitters are 0 3 1 2 6 4 5
     * Added an extra set of resolutions in the INI to differenciate fullscreen resolution for
       normal blitter which needs a lower res from enhanced blitters (which need a twice bigger
       resolution) :
         *     HorizontalFullScreenWidth        Resolution for horizontal games with
             + HorizontalFullScreenHeight       non Normal blitter (scanlines, 2xSai, etc)

         *     VerticalFullScreenWidth          Resolution for vertical games with
             + VerticalFullScreenHeight         non Normal blitter (scanlines, 2xSai, etc)

         *     HorizontalFullScreenWidthNormal  Resolution for horizontal games with
             + HorizontalFullScreenHeightNormal Normal blitter

         *     VerticalFullScreenWidthNormal    Resolution for vertical games with
             + VerticalFullScreenHeightNormal   Normal blitter