WinKawaks™ 1.09 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.09
     * 1.08 was a lot slower than previous releases due to the new VRAM lag code.
       I have now optimised that code, and also optimised various other things, so
       hopefully, 1.09 should be as fast as older Kawaks.
       Still, since VRAM can still be a slowdown factor, I have included an option
       to disable it. (enabling VRAM lag only fixes a few minor gfx glitches, so
       you slower PC uses may want to let it disabled. Try and see for yourself)
     * Optimised 2xSai, Super2xSai, SuperEagle blitters.
     * Added a scanlined 2xSai blitter (much faster than 2xSai, slower than scanlines)
     * 2xSai, SuperEable and Super2xSai should work on S3/S4 cards, and some other
       exotic ones, now (I'd like feedback on that...)
     * Added a DisableJoystick option, since joystick management is a performance hit.
     * Fixed "Show if available" crash
     * Fixes in the menu code (better "ticks" management)
     * Support for a default generic key setting :
       Put your usual key definitions in a file named defaultkeys.ini, which
       should be located in the same directory as WinKawaks.exe (not the INI directory)
       A defaultkeys.ini is included in this zip, just modify it to suit your needs.
       (You can use the INI of one of your configured games to help you.)
       Note that a game's ini has the priority to defaultkeys.ini.
       You may want to edit your defaultkeys.ini and delete all of your game's inis
       to make sure they all use the new settings on they next launch.
     * Alt+A toggles Autoframeskip. Also shows a message on screen, now.