WinKawaks™ 1.11 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.11
     * That bad, naughty, evil, and overall not very nice sound issue should be fixed now :))
       (Jesus, why did GetCurrentPosition have to report bytes instead of samples ?)
     * Modified autoframeskip code to adapt to new timing system. Should be better too, now.
     * Added a system to autodetect for each frame wether sprite masking is needed or not.
       Since it is not, most of the time, this speeds up things nicely in many games :)
     * Fixed Street Fighter Zero - CPS Changer (Japan 951020) backgrounds (broken in 1.10)
     * Macros for Player 2, Player 3 and Player 4. Have a look at updated Defaultkeys.ini
     * New blitter: Zoom 2x software. In other words, 200% without blur effect.
       If you like "correct ratio" and not blur, I'd suggest you give a try to this
       blitter + stretch + eventually fullscreen.
       Keep in mind that this blitter is however significantly slower than Normal, Alternate
       scanlines or even regular scanlines.
     * Fixed XMen Versus Street Fighters hanging when beginning fight against Apocalypse
     * Faster loading for Capcom Sports Club
     * Correct the CRCs for Capcom Sports Club XORs (didn't cause bugs, just reported XORs to
       be bad in audit)
     * New function to redraw the current frame without the on screen messages. Handy if you
       want to make a screenshot.
     * Added a few background colors in the menu
     * Added Zoom window 100%/200%/300% in the menu
     * Made the Reset key redefinable, since everyone seems to hate F10 :)
     * The usual batch of cosmetic changes :)