WinKawaks™ 1.31 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.31
     * Corrected the NeoGeo zoom system. Now uses the true original zoom patterns, verified
       on the real system
     * Support for the new kf99_s1d.rom in the KOF99 romset
     * Many CPS1 fixes:
       - Captain Commando set to 4 player for netplay
       - Player 4 mapped in Captain Commando
       - Player 3 mapped in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Warriors of Fate
       - Test menu for all CPS1 games (press F11 or whatever you redefined it to access it)
       - EEPROM no longer saved for EEPROMless games
       - Timing fixes (fixes Mercs splash screen, Pang 3 bottom of screen...)
       - Sprite/bg sync fix
     * Added language switch for Dungeons & Dragons (uses Region switch)
     * Drivers for
       - Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Euro 960209)
       - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (US 940818)
       - Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (US 940705)
       - Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Euro 950727)
       - Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Euro 950605)
     * Various romset changes to accommodate the above new games, and the latest MAME conventions