WinKawaks™ 1.34 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.34
     * New games supported :
         - Ganryu
         - Nightmare in the Dark
         - Strikers 1945+
         - Prehistoric Isle 2
       Kudos to Nicola Salmoria for breaking the encryption. Impressive job.
     * Alpha Mission 2 romset has changed to match the latest MAME
     * Changed The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle so it uses the real encrypted gfx roms.
       This is the standard MAME set, with encrypted roms, encrypted Ps, no S1, the standard Vs
       This has the inconvenient of making load times a LOT longer for people who have 128mb of RAM
       or less, so I added a new subset of kof99:
         "The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle (full decrypted)" (
       which is exactly the same game, but uses different roms, requires significantly less ram, and
       loads really faster.
       It uses :
          - kf99p_c*.rom from the prototype (this makes NO difference game wise compared to
              using the real encrypted roms)
          - kf99_s1d.rom which was released some time ago
          - kof99_v*.rom and kof99_m1.rom from
          - kf99n_p1.rom and kf99n_p2.rom from the new from MAME 0.56
       That gives a simple standard NeoGeo set, gamewise identical to the big encrypted one, that
       could even run in NeoRAGE X :)
     * Fixed a bug where tick marks in the menus where cleared by changing the video memory settings
       from the menu or on the first launch