WinKawaks™ 1.35 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.35
     * New games supported :
         - The King of Fighters 2000
         - Ganryu (decrypted C)
         - Nightmare in the Dark (decrypted C)
         - Strikers 1945+ (decrypted C)
         - Prehistoric Isle 2 (decrypted C)
         The "(decrypted C)" games load faster, require less RAM than their counter part,
         and are gameplay wise identical.
         See the following feature for how to obtain theyr decrypted roms :
     * Added feature to save decrypted Cs from encrypted games.
       Enable "Enable save decrypted Cs after loading" in the Tools menu before loading
       an encrypted NeoGeo game.
     * Support for the new WinJammer S1 rom
     * Rewrote audit. It's now a lot more accurate
       It can now detect roms with a bad name, a bad crc, or that are missing; and reports
       correct rom sizes
     * Rewrote Romcenter dat generator. Should be 100% perfect now :)
     * New ClrMAMEPro dat generator.
     * Changed it so the Load dialog box filters don't act on Audit or DAT generation anymore
     * Changed 'Use HotRod configuration' map things more cleverly for NeoGeo games
     * Tidied the menus a bit :)