WinKawaks™ 1.42 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.42
     * New drivers:
         - Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (US 970904)
         - Pocket Fighter (Japan 970904)
         - Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix (Asia 970904)
         - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (US 960620)
         - Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Asia 931003)
         - Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Asia 930914)
         - Dynasty Wars (World)
         - Knights of the Round (Hack)
         - Neo Pong
     * Fixed The King of Dragons (bootleg)
     * A _lot_ of rewrites, notably in the video system and the general Kawaks architecture,
       which gives a significant speedup on 2xSai, SuperEagle, SuperSai, Scanlined 2xSai,
       will make the eventual addition of new systems easier, faster and more stable,
       and allows the following :
     * Added sprite transparencies, using Nebula tables.
       Tables should be named gamename.bld and put in the BLEND directory (ex: SFA3.BLD)
     * Added "Monitor dot matrix" blitter. Give it a try :)
     * Added support for ElSemi's Cheater program. Cheater must be started before Kawaks
     * Added menu items to control sound frequency. No need to edit WinKawaks.ini anymore for that.
     * Optimised 'Interframe blending' code. Should be significantly faster with most blitters, now
     * Rewrote DirectInput code: Hopefully fixes most controler problems
       (mail me if it fixes your controler problems or not)
     * Fixed Screenshot Factory blink and Tile viewer if Interframe Blending is enabled
     * Fixed Scanlines 50% for some video cards (S3...)
     * Hopefully fixed some screenshot issues
     * Fixed flash frames in Marvel Vs Capcom
     * Fixed ending in Marvel Vs Capcom
     * NeoGeo isn't affected anymore by correct ration settings. Meaning it now looks better if these
       options are enabled (espeacially with Normal blitter)
     * Changed the way the video blitter selection works. For example, now, Shift+F3 is a toggle between
       scanlines, 50% scanlines, and zoomX2...
     * Added some keyboard shortcuts to the Load game, Screenshot Factory, Cheat boxes
     * Added some keyboard shortcuts to the English menus
     * Fixed Shot factory window size
     * A few romset changes to match the latest conventions and dumps (affects CYBOTSJ, DDSOMU, SFAR1)